The best laser bonding products | 2021

Laser bonding is a marking process that is used to mark different materials using laser beams. It is a highly advancing technique that uses additive technology to leave a permanent mark on any material. The inefficiency of other marking processes highlights the efficiency of laser bonding as it tends to be a durable process, safe and efficient process with high precision marking at constant quality. The marking can be done once the surface has been exposed to a laser beam after brushing or spraying the laser bonding material.

Laser Bonding Products

There are many different materials that have been introduced in the market for laser bonding. The materials perform the same function but differ in performance on different metals. Some of which can be listed as:

  • CRC Dry Moly Lube

The durability of this product tends to be the highest when used over stainless steel but fails over other metals like copper, aluminum and brass. Regardless of the fact that it is least compatible with and other metal, it is proved to be one of the most cost efficient product that costs only $0.01 per square inch.

  • Enduramark

This product performs better with stainless steel as compared to aluminum and brass. It is highly durable like CRC Dry Moly Lube but has better clean up and mark in terms of darkness. The spray quality is average but has a good speed. The cost is of $0.03 per square inch.

  • Laserbond 100

Laserbond 100 tends to be one of the most compatible product either used on copper, brass, aluminum or stainless steel. It is highly durable, with better spray quality although less than Cermark. The mark darkness, laser speed and clean-up is graded an A. The cost of it is equal to that of Enduramark.

  • Cermark LMM6000

It performs best on stainless steel but goes downhill when applied to brass, aluminum and copper respectively. It costs a little ($0.01) more than laserbond100 and has a bit slower speed. Anyhow it is equally durable to other materials and has good clean-up.

  • Cermark LMM14 (thermark)

This is the only product that performs comparatively poor on stainless steel as compared to its performance on copper, brass and aluminum. The cost for it increases up to $0.07 per square inch with B grade darkness. Otherwise, it is similarly to Cermark LMM6000.

Concluding Remarks

As per the research shows, laserbond 100 proves to be the one of the most efficient product to be used for laser marking followed by Cermark LMM6000. These are durable, leaving long lasting dark mark and staying cost efficient.



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