How To Use Laser Marking Spray?

The widely increased use of laser marking technology makes it an integral part of different industries. It is a simple process that has eased the marking process by using advanced technology like laser bonding. Applying the adhesive, laser marking the product, and washing off the residue are the only three steps involved in laser marking a product.

The laser bonding adhesive comes in many forms, two of which are spray and ink. The use of spray or ink depends on the surface that is to be marked.

A small surface that requires instant results uses laser marking spray as they are ready to use and require no additional process before marking. Laser marking spray produces dark, durable marks without any loss in product quality. Benefits of using laser marking spray also include high-speed laser marking with complete attention to detail. On the other hand, the ink requires a dilution process before applying it on the surface. It is an adhesive that can be used over a larger area and produce similar results to spray.

The uses of laser marking technology prove it eco-friendly, low cost, and resistant to harsh environmental conditions. Furthermore, the adhesives do not cause any harm to the original product and produce marks with high precision. Fully proving the hype!



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